Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Really Finished!

I am really finished now with the table runner for Aunt Betty and I'm off to the post office to get it mailed as soon as I post the pics to Quaint & Cozy. I was very pleased with the outcome considering it's the first I've ever made. I know it won't be the last either as I can think of lots of reasons to make table runners...all the different seasons, holiday gifts, using up scraps, it is just endless when you start to think about it! The one thing that I wasn't sure about-after not being sure about the stitch in the ditch stuff, was doing the binding. It seems there are several methods and after searching the web, magazines, books laying around in the sewing room, etc., I finally decided on the method shown in my latest copy of Better Homes & Gardens Quilt Sampler magazine + a tip from Eleanor Burn's book Still Stripping after 25 Years. I cut my strips 2" wide and then sewed them together at a diagonal, trimming to 1/4 ". When I came to a corner, I stopped stitching at about 3/8" from the edge, pivoted the needle to head down the next side of the runner, then backstitched to the edge of the fabric, then cut the thread and did the common mitered corner. I think it looks very good as evidenced in the pictures. Now I just hope that Aunt Bety will like it!

Gotta run so it gets to MI before Saturday!