Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gr-r-r-r Patterns that Haven't Got the Kinks Worked Out Yet!

In my last post I stated that I had all the fabric cut out for my Songbird quilt...well, I wish I would have stopped cutting and started sewing so see if the pattern measurements were guessed it--they WEREN'T. One of the strips required to make the cornerstone steps is mistakenly off in the measurements stated by about 1/2 inch....which means I have to re-cut about 24 strips! I am very unhappy about that! This is not fun quilting, this is frustrating quilting!
In the end it will be worth it...but it is a waste of good fabric. Wish manufacturers would be more accurate with their pattern instructions. But, then again...I guess the old adage is still true...."You get what you pay for!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Songbird Quilt

I've just finished cutting all the fabric for a Songbird quilt that I'm making for a friend of my daughter, Mollie. I've been going back and forth for months about the pattern to use, but I finally saw one and was inspired. The best part is that the pattern was free! I saw an ad for a fabric line by Wilmington Prints that showed this pattern. Granted, I'm not using the fabric shown, but I think the pattern is so cute that it will work with portraits of Songbirds inserted instead of butterflies and nature prints. You can see the pattern I'm using here. It's called "Illuminating Spring."
Well, got to get busy sewing! Hooray for Spring!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So--sew---Ready for Spring!

I am so happy today to finally see the sun! It just gives you an energetic feeling when you wake up to a sunny day!

I'm also full of happiness today because it won't be long til my best-est quilting girlfriends will be driving down my lane for our annual hittin' the Shop Hop Trail! In just a few weeks we'll be driving the backroads of Tennessee, laughing all the way as we go from quilt shop to quilt shop and drool over all the beautiful fabrics. Thinking (in our dreams) about all the new projects we'll just "have" to do! Truth and reality is that I still haven't done the projects that I bought the fabric for at last year's Shop Hop!!! But, it's the fun and fellowship with my sisters that makes it the happiest time of the year.

Then last week, I found out how to make a "bootie bouquet" for a baby shower. I found a cute little pastel basket to arrange my "bootie" buds in and the pic shows it sitting on top of the baby quilt I made for a dear friend. Gotta love that You Tube! I get so many ideas from all the crafty people out there!
Oh, and I have also been busy with some paper crafting too. Just love working with paper and these projects are some that I can actually get finished! Ha! Ha!

Here are some little treat baskets that I made for the wonderful, dedicated children's teachers at my CBS class. They were so appreciative of something that is so inexpensive to make,but it's the heart of the matter after all. Showing that you love your friends so much that you want to take the time to see them smile. That's what I love about crafting! Make it to give it away!