Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bees have been busy!

Front of the cozy nest
This is the back deck

I thought I'd take a few pics of the cottage that I call home. It's looking so pretty with the flowers in bloom. DH made me some big flower boxes over the winter and I've filled them with lavender verbena. It seems as if they are happy 'cause they have been bloomin' nonstop! When I went outside to take the pics, dear old Rocky our lovable mutt, who's part Rottweiler/English Shepherd greeted me at the back door with the most enormous head I ever saw! His whole muzzle was gigantic! He went straight to his water and then munched on some kibble so I took it from that that he wasn't dying. I quick came in to the computer to look up the problem and it came down to bee stings! The remedy for it was Benedryl. Well, off to the medicine cabinet and madly rummaging through all the bottles of stuff we've got...all I could come up with was Diphadryl for Children! (Who knows how old that is? It's been a few years since I've had little ones living here..but it might be OK for Rocky.) So, I soaked a Meaty Bone in this cherry flavored liquid and offered it to him. He ate it right up! Time will tell if the swelling goes down. He seems fine otherwise--but he sure does look weird! Say a prayer for him if you think of it!
I'll add some more pics of our nest on another to get to my quilting!!