Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Springing Back to Life!

Here it is the 2nd week of April and I have been absent from this blog for too many months. Rest assured, I have been alive and well all these many days. . . just very busy! Isn't spring the most marvelous of seasons? I absolutely love to see the green creeping into the trees day by day. Hearing the happy chirping of the birds as they busy themselves making their sticks and straw homes. The colors of the blossoming trees..the frosty pears, the cheery redbuds, and the sweet dogwoods.And what about the smell of the fragrant lilacs?

Who could dare not to smile when they look upon the sunny daffodils?Oh, I love the spring!

I will try to post more regularly. I guess most all bloggers go in cycles. At least it seems that way as I read the various authors of my favorite blogs(probably my most favorite is Anne Sutton's blog, Bunny Tales. She seems to be somewhat like me, in that she loves whimsy, cuteness, is usually running behind, extremely honest about herself, and has absolutely wonderful links to other great blogs! I admit that I am very side-tracked and I suppose that is a vice that I've not yet overcome.
I have spent many of my days of absence from this blog working in my little sewing room. It has become such a place of refuge for me. I got a new computer at Christmas and have it sitting close by my sewing machine and I am surrounded by many of my favorite things...fabrics,

whimsical characters,

Amish pictures, quilts, good music, charm packs, fat quarters, buttons, fabric-oh, did I say that already?---well, you get the picture!
I've also been tutoring (online)quite a few hours every week. It's a job I like most of the time as the kids are pretty polite and want to learn-but every once in a while, I get one that just thinks it is such a waste of time and is anything BUT polite. That's when I have to remind myself that I am not doing this job for myself-but for One greater than I. Perhaps I am the only kind word that this troubled child will hear today. I certainly have no way of knowing the kind of world he or she lives in and maybe, in some small way, I can make a difference to that student. In this amazing world of technology who would ever think that I could actually be teaching a child in South Dakota, California, or Puerto Rico from a rural farm in Tennessee? Can you imagine what my Grandma or even my mom would have thought had we been able to see into the future when I was a child? They would have not been able to believe it whatsoever! Little Sue, who used to read books to the younger neighborhoood children in the glider swing on the front porch during the hot and hazy days of summer, would one day be helping children from every corner of America to learn how to break a word down into syllables, choose the best synonym, or implied main idea from a paragraph--even, if you can believe it--help them with math! Adding and subtracting mixed numbers, determining mean, mode, and range, finding the unknown in an algebraic equation! Wow!! Only God knows the impact a person can make on another-even one I will never see face to face, but still we connect through the magic of the internet voice to voice. Isn't it amazing? It still boggles my mind even though I do it effortlessly, from my sewing room several times a week. Who would ever think?????

Speaking of thinking....I've just been thinking about some of the things that have happened since my long ago last post. We have 2 new members of the family! Our son B and daughter-in-law, J, brought a beautiful baby girl named Payton into the world in November. isn't she an angel? And she's growing so fast. Wish we lived closer! It's just not fair to have so many miles between us!Our second new family member came as a result of the loss of our dog, Rocky, last summer, and in the fall we got ourselves a new puppy. We thought we got a girl, then decided it was a boy...only to find a few weeks later, that SHE was indeed a girl! But, too late, the puppy had the name of Charlie and we just couldn't change it as that's who "she" was! We just love her. She has gotten bigger since this picture was taken, but she still has that adorable little face with longer legs! She and Sophie (the "queen") get along pretty well I must say.

I mentioned earlier that I had been busy. Guess what I've been doing (besides tutoring)? Sewing/quilting of course! Here are some of my latest projects: Here is my dear hubby holding little E and a table runner I made for M to match the Sunshine Quilt I had made for her last year.

I also made some purses for birthday gifts for friends and family. Here is one: This was made for DIL, J, for her birthday. She is a big Appalachina State fan, since son, B (her hubby) graduated from there. So, I used the school colors, and their "big A" to make it kind of sporty. She seems to really like it. And Ihave to admit, I think it came out pretty cute!This was a fall (autumn) bag I made for dear friend, N, and it really is beautiful fabric line called Madeira by 3 Sisters by Moda.
I'll load some more pictures of other projects and activities on another day. Time to hit the hay! And, I promise, I'll be back soon.