Monday, April 14, 2008

"Enchanted Cottage" is finished!

A few weeks ago, before the Shop Hop, I pulled a project bag off my shelves that has been waiting to be done for about a year. I love the fabrics in this quilt, designed by Kaye England. It is called Enchanted Cottage. My friend Kathy at Spring Creek Quilts off of Hwy. 111 between Livingston and Cookeville did the quilting for me. She did a fantastic job and I just love it! Here are some pics for you to see.I'll move in a little closer so you can see the lovely quilting that was done on this...
I love the "feathering" that she did! Also, notice the echo quilting around the corner flowers. Sorry it's kind of blurry. I also have made a table runner for the chest that is in front of the sofa...It is made from the same Kaye's Cottage fabric line.
Here is a close up of it:

This is kind of blurry, too! Sorry! Anyway, with the addition of this quilt and the table runner my living room is really looking like Spring!

In my last post, I spoke of the Upper Cumberland Shop Hop. Just thought you might like to see the gorgeous Shop Hop Quilts! I don't have pics of all the shops' particular designs as I forgot my camera on one of the days! I'm so sorry not to have the quilt pics of The Country Quilt Shop in Watertown and Country Patchworks design in Cookeville. But, I do have pics of most of them. It is so hard to choose which shop's finishing kit to go with as they will ALL fit with my color scheme. Oh, decisions, decisions! The first quilt was done by Becky's Quilt Shop in Smithville, TN. It is based on a Log Cabin design. (The quilt blocks chosen for the Shop Hop were from a Thangles Sampler Quilt and the fabric chosen is called Fuchsia II by Maywood. )Beautiful, isn't it?

This second one was done by Simply Southern Quilts in Sparta, TN. It is a really unique design. I love the center of it. It stands out so well....really pops!
Next, is one that was done by The Most Amazing Quilt Shop in Cookeville. They really aren't offering a finishing kit per just purchase the fabric necessary to make the lattice and the borders for theirs.
This last one is one of my favorites and comes from my favorite quilt shop, Spring Creek...Kathy Dishman designed it and I absolutely love the applique touches!
I'll get you closer up to see...She also quilted it with a sweet heart-shaped ivy design.

So cute!

Well, that's all for now! Sweet quilting dreams!