Friday, April 11, 2008

A Couple of Purses Plus....

Look at this gorgeous amaryllis that my loving daughter gave me ! It came into full bloom a few weeks ago. What a lovely way to usher in the season on spring. Since it was so bright red, I had to put it in the only room in the house that is willing to accept red-the kitchen! So, it got to grace the side of the refrigerator with its beauty.But that way we enjoyed it every single day of its short blooming life. Thank you, M_e for your thoughtfulness! It just made me smile everytime I came into the kitchen to do my chores. I hope your bulb gave you some blooms, too!
I know I said in my last post that I would share a few of the projects that I've been working on. But, before I do, I thought I would show you the other side of the "sporty" Appalachian State bag that I made for my DIL. that I showed you in my previous post. I left the big A off one side so that she could just wear it any old time by carrying it on this side. (By the way, my dear sister, S, made the "A" with her embroidery machine as a BIG favor to me. Thanks so much, S_y! It wouldn't have been the same without the A!)

Also, here is the bottom of the bag...just couldn't keep away from the black/white/yellow combo!

One day in February as I did my civil duty by going to vote in the primaries, a lady saw my winter Charm Party Tote (which is the basic pattern that most of these are from) and wanted to know if I would make her one. She loved mine so much, she was willing to pay me to make her one! I agreed, she called a few days later and we discussed fabric choices. She wanted something Spring-y and with yellow. The first thing that came to mind was Sunshine by April Cornell of Moda Fabrics. You know I've done so much with it for M, and it surely is a beautiful fabric line. Here is the finished purse.I also added pockets to the inside. This is one of the two that are inside. I like this size to hold my keys handy. The pocket on the other side I made longer and thinner with pen/pencil size compartments.

She really liked it when I delivered it to her and I was so pleased to make some extra $. What fun! To get paid for what you love to do!

I found a cute pattern on the internet for this little bag...

It is called Vintage Violets.I had some leftover purple/violets fabrics from a wallhanging I made last year so thought I'd try it. Believe me when I say it is little! More child size I would say. I tried to carry it one day. By the time I put my keys and my checkbook in it, it was full! It will be great for the grandgirls. But, I have to make a few more little ones for the other girls so they all can have a purse from Grandma B...but not there yet. I think I'll make a different pattern than this. Although it's really cute, it was just more time consuming than the Charm Party tote.

Last week, my dear "2nd sister", S came down from Ohio and we went ShopHopping! What a fun time we had. Her hubby D came too, and helped L_r in the nursery while we went gallivanting all over the Cumberland Plateau, getting lost, eating at quaint little tea rooms and just generally having a blast! So, are the results of my visits to "candy land"! Take a look at these treasures!

It remains to be seen what I will do with all this scrumptious fabric, but I do have a few projects in mind just keeps seeing new ideas popping up all over! But, nothing will happen unless I get off the computer and get to my sewing machine! !!