Thursday, June 12, 2008

Recent Projects

Ah-h-h! Another steaming hot summer June day in Tennessee! It is too hot to do anything but stay inside. And what better place to stay than in my sewing room! We have had quite a few 90+ degree days recently, so I've been stitching away quite a lot. Thought I'd show you some recent projects that I've been working on. The quilts are just the tops as I've not ventured down to Spring Creek yet to get them quilted..(did I mention it was hot? Too hot to do anything? Even go to the quilt shop?) Good thing I have plenty of projects waiting to be started! I think I could go for at least 6 months without "really" needing to buy anymore fabric! So, because of the heat, I've decided to just stay in and work on them.

I'll start with a picture or two of a Log Cabin quilt that I started at a quilt class in May down at Spring Creek. I've made it for my bed and made some extra blocks so it is somewhat longer than normal full size would be. Also added strips with appliqued flowers between the blocks to tone down the dark mahogany fabric of the final "log" in each block. This was the pattern from Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day book.

I have also made a little pillow that will go on the bed when I get this top quilted. It was a pattern from Bunny Hill Designs called Flowers for Emma. It was so easy! And I just love how it came out!
I can't wait to see it when it all gets quilted and put together. I have a few extra blocks that I may make pillow shams with. Not sure yet.

Another easy project that I recently did was a little wallhanging for my kitchen. I "flew by the seat of my pants' on this one and didn't purchase a pattern, just looked closely at the pictures on Anne Sutton's website at Bunny Hill. She called it Posy Time . I used charm squares from

Susan Branch's collection Martha's Vineyard . It went together really fast!
This one also has yet to be quilted! But I love the Yo-yo flowers! And the bright colors are just so cheery! Another Anne Sutton "quilt" I finished recently is from the pattern Taffy Treats. I started it at a class I took in March or April. But, had never got it finished until this week. I shouldn't say "finished" as it really isn't. It needs to be quilted yet and a scalloped edge needs to be put on. But, because they're so back-logged at the quilt shop, I knew I wouldn't get it back til nearly the end of the summer and I wanted it for a tablecloth in my, I just put it on the way it is and covered it with a clear vinyl top to keep it clean. Sophie seems to like it!!
The most recent finished (although that is a relative term throughout this post!) projects are a couple of placemats I made for my dear DIL, Bethany. I used the Daydreams fabrics designed by Deb Strain for Moda for the majority of the patterns. Though I kind of concocted the designs myself. The butterfly is taken from the panel in that collection. I still want to make her a few more in the weeks to come.
I really like the "dots" and it makes it look trendy to me. Here is the reverse side so she can use it either way...She really seemed to like this one...
I've got some ideas for the next couple I'll make, but just have to sit down and do it. Guess I need to get started!