Friday, June 25, 2010

New Discovery!

Thought for the day:
"Can one understand joy without understanding sorrow? Do they separate, even inside of me?Can I understand life, and not accept its Author?.....Where does the wind begin?....."
Paula D'Arcy

"The wind breathes where it wishes. The wind blows where it blows.....The eye of Your storm sees from the wild height. Your air augments the world, tearing away dead wood, testing, toughening all trees, spreading all seeds, thawing a winter wasteland, sifting the sand, carving the rock, the water, in the end moving the mountain. ...Your wind breathes where it wishes, moves where it wills, sometimes severs my safe moorings. Sovereign gusts--buffet my wings with your blowing, loosen me, lift me to go wherever You're going."...--Luci Shaw

Sweet friends, kind friends, friends that care and always want the best for you. I'm constantly reminded of the many blessings I've received because of the friendships that are a part of my life. The "techno-world" has brought new ones to me and reminded me of old ones that I now can catch up with and peek into their world once again. Even my love of crafting has brought friendships to me and it reminds me that we all love to be connected to one another. There is a sense of belonging, of sharing our lives, to imagine someone else might be interested in what we have done, or said, or thought. . .I'm thankful today for my friends.

Switching gears time.....

I was doing my morning browsing on my Facebook page today and over to the side my eyes were drawn to the cutest little quilted daisy logo and I just had to check it out! It led me to a FB page full of fellow quilters and a new online quilt shop that's trying to get off the ground. I believe in helping small businesses around our country and especially sister quilters! So look for the quilted daisy link (to the left) for Daisy Cottage Quilting here on the blog and  visit Sharon's little shop and better yet, purchase some pretty fabric from her for your next project! She also writes a blog called Red Geranium you know, there's got to be some "kindred spirit" stuff going on...considering all the red geraniums at my Quaint 'n Cozy Cottage! Ha! Ha!