Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lovely Summer

How time goes quickly. I have to admit this blog has been sadly neglected--again! I know it is due to the fact that I do most of my postings on Facebook and once I've taken care of that, there's no time left for dear Blogger.
What a busy summer this has been. I always thought that summer was a time for relaxing and kickin' back. Not this year. I barely got out of weekly CBS duties when I was tapped to train new teachers for Sunday School and help start up a Sunday School program at our church. I love working with the children and yet, I know it doesn't come naturally to everyone which is why I needed to spend quite a bit of time working on training for the volunteer teachers. We had a great number of volunteers and that was such a blessing! We didn't have to twist arms or anything to get them. And now, 6 weeks into the program, I am glad to report that it is going very well! We thank the Lord for His blessing on it!A few weeks into June and we joined the 2009 CHVA Car Tour of the Smokies. What fun we had re-connecting with friends from past tours who came from all over the US. They all have one thing in common..their total love and obsession with their 50's cars! We were with the tour on and off as we did have some obligations at home to take care of, but we enjoyed touring highlights of Chatttanooga, spending the day at Dollywood, and exploring downtown Knoxville (but a good part of that time was spent with grandchildren and daughter and SIL). Love to be with is never a dull moment!Here we are at Dollywood....
I have also been working on some Jelly Bag and Charm Party totes that various ones have ordered from me. I guess it means I have a little home-based business now! I dubbed it Sue B's Bags ! I'll post some pics of the latest ones...
Red and whites..look so charming!Added my own idea of ties to the sides which adds some novelty as well as being practical..keeping it closed better.
This bag I made as a diaper bag. Love that Charm Party fabric! Also added a bit of lace to the pocket which makes it perfect for the baby look. Inside I added elastic that will hold a bottle or sippy cup upright, too.This "Jelly" tote was made to be more of a Plain Jane look. But it makes it fit in with just about any outfit one might wear. This green bag is the first Jelly BagI ever made at a class at my favorite quilt shop, Spring Creek Quilts and Fabrics.This is the latest..made with Serendipity Sunflowers. It really is summery, don't you think?Khakis and reds...very versatile.