Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chicken in the Sewing Room

On my last entry, I had a Bunny in the Kitchen, now, I've got a Chicken in the Sewing Room! Well, technically, not anymore...this little hen has taken up residence in a new owned by a good friend of mine, Crystal. She spent many days a few months ago, driving over to our farm while we were out of town to feed the animals and just do a general check up of the place...including giving our "babies" in the nursery at Ever Green Farm their daily dose of water! She was a lifesaver in that regard. So, the least I could do was make her a purse! Since she is also a wonderful Egg Lady for me, (her hens lay the most delicious eggs in TN! In my humble opinion...)I just had to do something with a chicken theme. It took me the longest time to find the right hen to live on her purse..but, after a thorough search of Google Images, I finally found one to suit me. I copied it and made an applique for the pocket, sitting her up on a little nest made from homespun. Crystal, I hope you like Harriet! (She's a friend of Beulah--eventhough they won't see each other much anymore) Harriet has gone out to explore the world!! Judging from the smile on her beak, she's pretty excited!

Maybe I need to get you a little closer...

Can you see the smile yet? How about now?

Here is a view of the back. I put some large buttons left over from a collection from Nancy Halvorsen's Star of Wonder quilt. Added a tiny red heart to the middle for color. The front has fabric covered buttons which really are a cinch to make.

Then I added ties to the side...

The beginning of the inspiration for the whole bag was this fabric I found on the Upper Cumberland Shop Hop a few weeks ago with chickens on it! I used it for the lining. Hope you can see it in this pic...It has roosters strutting and hens sitting all around the farmyard..yet it's colors are a great creamy neutral, not that gaudy red that so many chicken prints are made with. I used a combination of 3 different purse patterns taking what I liked from each pattern--but, the majority of the purse is really the Jelly Bag pattern from Ann Sutton's Bunny Hill Co.


Anonymous said...

Love that chicken bag!