Sunday, February 15, 2009


I recently was talking to my sister on the phone and she casually mentioned she had visited my blog...and, all of a sudden, I remembered that, once upon a time, I had one! Honestly, having a busy life and then being bitten by the Facebook bug, I just plum forgot about my Quaint & Cozy Cottage! Guess I better get out the mop and bucket to shine these floors, the broom to clean out the cobwebs and dust off the shelves and get back in the groove again!
I have been rather busy lately doing my favorite thing ...crafting activities like sewing for my friends and family. Made several Christmas stockings ...for the grands (like the ones above), some totes,
for my daughter and friends, and most recently, attended a papercrafting workshop. Now I'm all excited about making my own cards. It's so much fun and there are no rules-the sky's the limit. I made a few birthday cards last week , some Valentine treat boxes,and yesterday made a Valentine for my honey. (I'll post a pic of that later) It really is easy once I learned a few tricks. There are tons of helps on the web, too. Thanks all you 'stamp-a-holics' for your adorable ideas. I just love finding stampers' websites. They are all so ingenius! And so willing to share their cute ideas. It just makes one feel so cheery inside making something for someone else...looking forward to that expression on their face when you hand them a gift. It is a priceless feeling.