Sunday, July 1, 2007

In Memorium: Rocky....May, 1998-July 1, 2007

I can hardly believe I am writing the following......

Our dear beloved faithful and loving dog ROCKY has passed away this afternoon after succumbing to what we believe was a fatal snake bite last week, most probably a copperhead. He passed away in peace in one of his favorite spots ...beneath the van.

For the last couple of days, he had really taken a turn for the worse and yesterday he had stopped eating. Earlier this morning when Lamar got up to take his morning walk around the farm, he went out and couldn't find him right away...but upon further exploration, found him sitting out at the nursery under the giant oak tree...a place he could always be found as he would sit and vigilantly, patiently wait for Lamar as he would go about his daily nursery chores. But today, this morning was to be his last visit to the nursery. When Lamar was finished with chores, he called to him as he came up to the house, and Rocky obediently came...but, oh, so slowly...he was so weak. He had to stop midway to the house and rest. Lamar, in his compassion for his beloved friend, took a bucket of water to him and Rocky did take a last drink. From that point on, he haltingly managed to get to that favorite spot under the van on the cool concrete pad and then never moved from it again.

Rocky had such a personality! Whether it was going out and "helping" Lamar corral the cows, helping the cows eat their grain, chasing Junior down the driveway, giving me that sorrowful "look" that always meant, "Don't you think I 'need' a Meaty Bone?", he was one in a million, that's for sure. After being away from home, we would always be greeted with his own doggy voice that would "sing" and "moan" to us as we would get out of the car. He could go on forever like that if you would keep talking to him!He was SO HAPPY to see us and would "tell" us so in his own special way. Many times I would look out the kitchen window as I was doing dishes at the sink and see him sitting very alertly on the front lawn watching for Lamar to come home from town. At a certain point, his ear would cock and he'd stand up. He'd heard that familiar motor coming down the lane. When he'd see the truck, he would just be overjoyed and run along side out to the nursery to greet his favorite man and be his helper once again.......we will truly miss our dear, dear ole' boy...what a special friend you were.... We love you, Rocky.

Rocky showing Kevin all his love and attention !


Anonymous said...

This made us so sad this morning.

sunny said...

Hi Sue, We are so sorry about Rocky. What a shock!! We will all miss his welcome and farewell barking. He was such a friendly dog and wonderful companion!! Love, Mike and Sandy

Nicki said...

I am so sorry to hear your news.....I came on your blog through CWO and I was so touched by this post. I lost my childhood dog about a year ago and I know the grief you are experiencing right now and I'm just so sad for you! I know it hurts but laugh a really helps!! I still get misty eyed every now and then when I think about him!

Praying for you!