Friday, August 3, 2007

Quilt for Sarah

I could not believe the timing! I called my local quilt shop today to see when the quilt that I had made for my grandbaby would be finished (I had taken it in to be machine quilted right after finishing sometime in May). I was just thrilled to hear my favorite quilt shop owner tell me that she had just finished it! Once again, God's perfect timing. The "Garden Tales" quilt was actually quilted on Baby Sarah's Birth Day--how special! I will be taking it over and presenting it to my dear M tomorrow. We are going over to see them and our little Sarah and also to help out with the children and other household duties. I will be staying for awhile-not sure how long at the moment. But, I wanted to get the pics up on the blog of the quilt. The Sunshine wallhanging that I made for M and B earlier in the spring also got finished today @ the quilt shop--right when I walked in! I think it is so appropriate to give to them at this particular time as they need some Sunshine in their lives. Hopefully seeing this hanging on their wall will remind them of how much they are loved by so many people. Thank you so much for all your prayers and the many reassurances I have received from you in your emails! I know you are praying and God is blessing.

Close up of Garden Tales
The Sunshine quilt to brighten their home and their hope!

Latest Sarah Update: After speaking with the pediatric cardiologist today, the kids found out that Sarah has a condition called "Ebstein's Anomaly". There is an excellent explanation of this form of congenital heart defect at the Mayo Clinic's website. Sarah continues to breathe with the help of the ventilator but M said that she is improving. Only time will tell how soon she can come off the ventilator. But when she does and is able to nurse OK, then she will be able to come home. We are hoping and praying for this to be soon. M and B are really doing well emotionally through all of this. It is a tribute to their strong faith and I am so proud of them! They are an inspiration to me that's for sure...and their spiritual strength is a result of all your prayers. Keep doing what you're doing!!