Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Think God Is a Quilter

I Think God is a Quilter
(Author Unknown)
I think God is a quilter Who takes His needle and His thread
To piece our world from nothingness and give it form, instead.
I think God is a quilter ‘cause everything I see
Are pieces from His careful Hand from tree to bumblebee.
I think we see God's stitches, His texture everywhere;
The velvet moss, the grainy sand, the silky strands of hair.
I think God is a quilter; stitching tight and tiny rows,
Adding to my scraps and pieces, seaming everything He knows.
I think He cuts the patterns from what I'd throw away.
He shows me how to use each scrap in His redeeming way.
I think God quilts a pattern from everything I live;
But He can only stitch the quilt from what I choose to give.
I think God is a quilter stitching strength where I am weak.
Showing me that life He touches, embraces everything I seek.
I think God is a quilter from the patience in each thread;
Proving length of time no barrier; treating time a gift, instead.
I think quilts are the lessons God uses just to teach
That our pieces and our remnants have kaleidoscopic reach.
So, in the life I'm living with pieces everywhere
I'll give them to The Quilter to stitch with loving care.
I'll give them to The Quilter, unwanted though they be
And with His work of quilting,

He'll make a quilt of me.